Ross Marsh

“MPT has totally spun me right around, I was at a low point in life and since starting my sessions, I’ve never felt better. Having these guys in my corner, I know I’m definitely going to reach the goals I want to reach and get to the Scottish Champions. I’m looking forward to working with them as I go forward in my boxing career going forward.”

John Thain

“It was almost like a movie how I got involved with MPT, I had lost a couple of my last fights and it’s always ended up been a problem on the night. I’ve was performing in the gym but not bringing the same form into the actual performance. Then I seen the poster on the wall and thought, one last shot, and I thought if this doesn’t work then at least I know I have tried everything possible. It was actually recommended to me by a friend, and I thought why not, what is there to lose!

It was something I should have done years ago as I never looked at my performance, I always looked at my conditioning from the neck down and prepare my body, but never really from the neck up. I once heard this great saying that a good boxer is from the neck down, but greatness is from the neck up, so what is inside their mind is what they can control and what they can bring to their performance on the night.

I’m looking forward to being the best version of myself.”

Aurel szilagyi

“I was having second doubts and always doubting myself, and then I started talking to Maggie and Louis and it’s really helped. It’s also an edge on your component, because no one in Scotland is really got this type of support I think. I also feel like it’s brought me and the guys in gym closer together, and talking about our experiences and actually using it in our sparing and things as well!”

callum smith

“I’ve been boxing since I was about 8 years hold, had about 35 fights and I love it – I love boxing!

I realised that all the top boxers in the sport have somebody to talk to regarding their psychology and upping their game a bit, so I was wanting to get the best out of my performance as possible.  MPT have given me techniques to work on in sparing and when I am fighting again I will be able to use these. Simple techniques which are already making a big difference in my performance so I am looking forward to using them properly.”

tyrone hendry

“I’ve been boxing 5/6years now, and came from a boxing background, which is why I got into it. It’s just been a passion of mines that I wanted to progress with and hope I can get a career out of it.

I think that over the years, you build up a lot of tension, there are a lot of things that can be very difficult to speak to people about so once I got in touch with Maggie and MPT, it was nice to just be able to vent and get things off my chest, because I feel like when you are harbouring certain energies and taking them into the ring it can effect your performance so it was nice for me to just open up completely to someone, vent about things going on in my life and get a positive response.

One thing I have learned through my own experiences is that sometimes it can be your own head that can cause the issues and not actually reality.

Throughout Covid I was able to work on my fitness, but with the physical comes the mental, so it was great to speak with Maggie and fine tune my mental as well as my physical.

Over the years I have put a lot of pressure on myself, and what I’ve noticed is that your expectations can exceed your reality and it can be a bit of a downer so I’ve learnt to take it each day as it comes and from speaking to Maggie, she always gives me positive reinforcements.

I feel good, I feel positive, healthy mind, healthy body healthy spirit!!!”