Mental Performance Training
If you are looking for the extra edge against your competition, then you are in the right place.

At Mental Performance Training, we are experts in unlocking that little bit extra you may need to take you to the top level of your sport.

We have vast experience competing in many disciplines, from boxing, football, motorcycle racing and much more! We know how the pressure and stresses of elite competition can have a major impact on an athlete’s performance.

Take the next step in your journey and let us help you get out of your own way.

Success is only 10% physical and 90% mental – let us help unleash your inner champion today!

As an athlete, it’s important to not only be in peak physical health but also to consider your mental health too.

There are a variety of mental barriers that can stand in your way and prevent you from reaching your ideal performance standards such as stress, nerves or other external pressures.

At MPT, we can help identify the triggers which prevent you from achieving your goals and discuss various techniques to help you overcome these whether this is through various techniques.


Our training programme ensures that your mental performance is not negatively impacting your physical.


Our life coaching sessions will help you “unpack” and discover the possibilities that life has to offer you. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP can give you insight and ability to change both the way you think and how you respond to certain situations.


Hypnotherapy can be used as a powerful tool to clear your mind and engage your inner champion when you need to perform at your best.


We operate a lot of our sessions online, so you can work through the techniques in your own time. But we are always happy to meet up for sessions in person.

7 days a week

08:00 am – 08:00 pm

Appointments available

Subject to the individual



    We are a small team here at MPT, dedicated to helping you unlock your potential. Depending on the course you choose with us, we will go on a journey together to what your personal barriers are and help you break through these – resulting in you becoming the best version of yourself.

    need help?

    We help a lot of athletes in various sports, such as boxing, racing, football and more. Take the next step in your athletic journey today!

    Calum Smith
    Lochend Boxing

    I realised that all top boxers in the sport have someone to talk to regarding psychology and upping their game, so I wanted to get the best out of my performance as possible! With MPT, we discussed simple techniques to work on whilst sparring and also in the ring and they have made a big difference already, so I am looking forward to using them properly in competitive fights.

    Ross Marsh
    Lochend Boxing

    MPT has totally spun me right around, I was at a low point in life and since starting my sessions, I’ve never felt better. Having these guys in my corner, I know I’m definitely going to reach the goals I want to reach and get to the Scottish Champions. I’m looking forward to working with them as I go forward in my boxing career going forward.