What does Performance Training mean?

Sometimes, mental performance can be construed as “mental toughness”, however that is not quite the case. Mental toughness is merely a trait of someone who is a strong mental performer.

So in this respect, your mental performance refers to the internal conscious and subconscious thoughts that impact your ability to perform (your actions). Therefore, in our Performance Training techniques, we ensure that your mental performance is not negatively impacting your physical capabilities.

It doesn’t matter which sport you are involved with, because our programmes concentrate on the needs of the individual and focus on their own personal barriers.

You may not realise how much external factors can negatively impacting your performance mentally.

It might sound strange… but not all stress is “bad” stress. We automatically relate stress as having a negative impact to performance and ability, but when dealt with correctly – stress can help you excel! 

Stress can affect your sporting performance in two different ways. It can help you become more alert and offer motivation to give you a competitive edge. But when taken negatively, it can lead to anxiety and knock your confidence.

While coaches and trainers work with athletes on the physical aspects of their sport, we work with athletes on the psychological/mental factors that influence their sporting performance.

To help athletes cope with the mental demands of their sport and bring about their optimal performance, and work with them to identify those things affecting them and to develop the necessary skills to improve their performance.

We can all be guilty of finding an excuse or responding with “I can’t do that” rather than “I can”. When you have this mentality and self-doubt, then you become your very own barrier which prevents you from succeeding.